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Seven Ox Seven Part Two, Escondido Loosed

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Seven Ox Seven Part Two, Escondido Loosed

After the burning at the end of P. A. Ritzer’s Seven Ox Seven Part One, Escondido Bound, Luke, Elizabeth, and Tom face the crucial decision of whether to remain in or leave Escondido Canyon. In Volume One of Seven Ox Seven Part Two, Escondido Loosed, published on June 12, 2015, Ritzer returns to these characters moments later. He presents them still burdened with the necessity of choosing and then follows them into the choosing and its consequences. Staying, they are certain, would mean more of the unpredictable and often petty harassment that has proven dangerous and may yet prove fatal. Leaving could provide safety and relief but would require an abandonment to their tormentor of the fruits of their labors, of their plans and hopes, of what they have committed to. Could a sudden change in their circumstances relieve them of the need to decide whether to stay or leave? Could it signal the beginning of a new and better way? Or could it prove to be the agent that exposes fault lines in the foundation of their enterprise, the foundation of faith, integrity, loyalty, and sanity?

Seven Ox Seven: A Story of Some Ways in the West. Part One, Escondido Bound rose to Number One on for Historical Fiction and Western after it was selected for the Kindle Daily Deal on May 18, 2012. It was also chosen for the Kindle Big Deal, from August 9-23, 2012. It has been recognized by Writer’s Digest and honored with numerous awards, including the USA Book News National Best Books Award, two National Indie Excellence Awards, the IPPY Best Regional Fiction Bronze, and the Hollywood Book Festival Award. Seven souls risk everything on a life-changing gamble in Seven Ox Seven. The Stuart-Schurtz party venture into a strange land, seek a mysterious canyon (which may not exist), and face whatever the West Texas frontier of 1877 will throw at them. The age-old quest for home lies behind this radical disruption of their lives. P. A. Ritzer started work on the story in 1992. In 1995, he drove across the Great Plains into the legendary American West of Kansas and Texas. Over the years, Seven Ox Seven grew into a trilogy. Part one (Escondido Bound) was published in hardcover in 2007, in ebook in 2009, in paperback in 2011. Ritzer’s own western odyssey lends a certain authenticity to Seven Ox Seven. He knows the day-to-day journey into the unknown, the nights in darkened campsites, the concern about provisions, the seeking for that which may not be attained. He also brings to the story extensive research of primary and secondary sources and of the people and the land in which they live.

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Title: Seven Ox Seven Part Two, Escondido Loosed: Volume One;   Auth: P. A. Ritzer;  Category: Fiction/Historical, Fiction/Westerns;  Size/Binding: 6 x 9 paperback;  Pages: 216;  ISBN: 978-1-933363-05-9 (paperback), Retail Price: $12.95; 978-1-933363-06-6 (ebook), Retail Price: $ 7.99;  Publication Date: June 12, 2015

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