Successful author signings at bookstores are more than just authors signing in books.

Successfully market a book through book signings at a book store in your area.  Get the most out of every event where you sign books.  With the right method, you need little more than writer and books, nothing but books, to bring joy to author and publisher or, if independently published, author publisher.  And the experiences for customers can amount to more than just autograph signings or having a book signed.

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“This is a one-of-a-kind book on
jumpstarting your book sales.”

Dan Poynter, author,
The Self-Publishing Manual 

P. A. Ritzer shares his formula for book-signing success including:

  • The one foundation
  • Getting started
  • Four essential virtues of the successful signer
  • Three elements of successful setup
  • Six elements of successful method


“If P. A. Ritzer is open to sharing his passion for bookstore signings, we should listen carefully. His signings are a phenomenon the likes of which I have not seen in my 35 years in publishing and book distribution.”

Chris Bell, Vice President & COO of Midpoint Trade Books


"Love and the Art of Bookstore Book Signing is a practical guide for authors . . . to engage in successful bookstore-based book signings. . . .  Author P. A. Ritzer . . . draws upon his wealth of personal experience to give a practical run-down of what to expect, what to prepare for, and the right attitudes for success.  From the four most essential virtues of a successful book signer . . . to humorous anecdotes to solid, essential advice . . ., a 'must-read' for any author about to plunge into the book-signing scene." 

Small Press Bookwatch: December 2012 (Midwest Book Review)


“P. A. Ritzer, author of Seven Ox Seven, is one of the best authors for a book signing for many reasons.  First and foremost, he has a terrific work ethic. . . . He has genuine and friendly conversations with customers, and I believe people appreciate that. . . . He becomes and is a presence in the store. . . . Again, Mr. Ritzer is versed in the art of book signing and wields his knowledge and experience well.”

Joel McCree, Store Manager, Barnes & Noble, Colorado Springs, CO


P. A. Ritzer has signed copies of his first book Seven Ox Seven, Part One: Escondido Bound (672 pages) at nearly 200 bookstore events. Several stores have hosted him more than fifteen times with the same book.

Why? Because he sells books. He has written Love and the Art of Bookstore Book Signing as an answer to authors, bookstore personnel, distributors, and others in the book business who have sought to know how he does it. Ritzer does not just detail a method but goes to the heart of the matter. He exposes the real basis of his success in interacting with customers and the people who help him sell books.


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