If Global Warming Causes Record Ice in Antarctica, Shouldn’t We Want More Global Warming to Lower the Oceans?

Copyright © 2014 by P. A. Ritzer

3 July 2014

We know that the global-warming alarmists have warned us that if we keep burning “fossil fuels” the oceans will rise and flood huge portions of the inhabited world (e.g., see National Geographic, September 2013).  The dreaded sea-level rise, which President Obama’s election was supposed to slow–in his own words: “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal”–is supposed to happen because the Arctic and Antarctic ice will melt.  Nevertheless, despite record amounts of carbon in the atmosphere, the volume of ice on Antarctica has reached record high levels according to government scientists.  And to what do these scientists attribute the record levels of ice?  You guessed it: global warming.  You all know how warming makes more ice.  So, since more ice in the Arctic and Antarctic means lower ocean levels, and record ice levels are reached due to global warming, should we not want more global warming to lower ocean levels?  Just asking.

Honestly, at what point do people tire of liberals and their Big Lies, designed to scare people into ceding more of their liberties to liberals: Big Lies like overpopulation (truth: reproduction rates have fallen dangerously below replacement levels in most of the “developed” world) and global warming (truth: no global warming for 18 years), so big that the whole world is at stake, so big that there is nothing anyone can do but the liberals who will gladly trample the liberties we throw down so that they can give us another utopia like the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy or Communist China, Cuba, North Korea . . .

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